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About me

About me

Snowmobiler, Outdoor Enthusiast, Photographer

Meet our photographer

Callan Senyk: Not only can he capture top notch photos but he can also hold his own on a snowmobile! Whether you like to ride super technical terrain, deep powder or just want to ride and take in the views, Senyk wont let you down! Senyk grew up in Creighton, Sk and has been on a snowmobile all his life. Since moving to B.C. in 2013, Senyk has ridden from as early as November to as late as June and always averages 60+ days in the snow. In the offseason you can find him on his dirt bike or along the rivers fishing and camping. Senyk has always had an eye for the good shots, and was always the one behind the camera capturing the rides and adventures with his friends. It was on just such an adventure that one of his friends suggested he turn his two passions, sledding and photography, into one... and thus Throttle Ops Photography was born!

Throttle Ops Photography

Our passion is capturing your passion. Find out what Throttle Ops can do for you.

Gifted with a camera and no slouch on a sled, Callan Senyk has found a way to meld two of his favourite hobbies into a business.